Moneta Park

9/30/2015 This summer I made progress constructing a trail system.  There is currently a little over 3 miles of trail.  These are multi use trails built with foot traffic in mind.  The focus was to give Staunton River High School XC running team a place to train and hold meets.  Signs have been made and will be installed soon.  I have attached a downloadable .pdf map below.

Map MonetaPark 2015


11/3/2009 Trail construction has begun and we are working toward the goal of having 2-3 miles built and usable by early spring.  Additional trails will be flagged this winter and we hope to have a map of the property with completed and future trails represented by April.

  If you would like to volunteer to help get these trails started, please contact Kenny Palmer (

Community volunteerism can go a long way to continued trail opportunities in Bedford County.


2 thoughts on “Moneta Park

  1. This is great! Trails in Moneta, wow! Kenny, you do a great amount of work for mountain biking and you deserve multiple kudos. Let me know about work parties and hopefully I can help too. Thanks again!

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