Falling Creek Bike Park

First segment until 1:10 is Falling Creek Bike Park

Come out and bring the kids to the newest addition at Falling Creek Park.  The new BIKE PARK was designed and built specifically for mountain bikers(bmx  bikes are also suitable) to hone their bike handling, increase confidence and progress to new skill levels for just about anything the trail can throw at you.

We are working hard to complete signage for the Bike Park, until then please review these “common sense” rules.

Bike Park Rules



photo by Sam Dean


photo by Belen Maruri

photo by Belen Maruri

4 thoughts on “Falling Creek Bike Park

  1. Rode out there for the first time friday and its a great skills area!! Love it, Well spaced out everything being offset lets you bypass with ease if need be; Its clean open and a lot of fun.
    After a dozen or so laps and a trail run I parked the epic and pulled out the bighit to check out the DH courses; the beginner/intermediate course was super smooth and had nice flow from one feature to the next I was able to cut a nice line all the way down. The expert side had great potential for huge air and speed that would be past my leve. The jumps were well made packed hard and set up right good spacing to gain speed and set up for the next.

    Cliff notes… I had a great time and will be back.!!

  2. Is there a trail caretaker here? The expert line is completely covered in bushes and small trees growing on the jumps. A friend and I tried to fix some of them up, but we really need more help if the jumps are to be saved. This is a real shame, as the expert line was the highlight of the park, in my opinion. If the trail builder is reading this, send me an email at hmriffee@gmail.com, I would be happy to help you revive the jumps, and also build some new ones too.

    • Hank, I was unable to get to the jump line until October. Stay on the look out on our bedford trails facebook page for upcoming volunteer work days.

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