Welcome to Bedford Trails!

Bedford County Parks & Recreation is proud of our emerging trails program and we have developed this site to help keep the public informed of progress in our county parks.  As you explore this site we hope any questions you may have will be answered, however, if you need further assistance please contact me directly with questions or comments you may have.  Enjoy!
Kenny Palmer

Bedford Trails

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Please read IMBA  Rules of the Trail


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Bedford Trails!

  1. Great race on the 22th! My favorite on the Derailer series (of course I’m not bias)! Might want to consider a 2 minute staggered start next year…caught up with the Sport guys still clearing out their bottle neck canceling out my sprint to the front of the pack at Trail Head 1. Great track with enough technical to keep everyone tightly gripped in! Thanks.

  2. We have been using this trail system for about 8 months now. It is truly one of the better trails I have run on. There are so many twists and turns one minute you are deep in the woods the next you looking over a sea of fields. Whoever designed this trail knew what they were doing. I have lived in Bedford nearly all my life and never dreamed I would see this in my lifetime. Please keep up the good work, and folks if you are reading this get out and do this trail ! You will not regret it. It does my heart good that when I arrive there I see people taking advantage of such a good thing. Thank you so much for all of your hard work, and for making this happen.
    Happy Trails !!!

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